Monday, January 23, 2012

A Time To

A time to give, a time to take.
A time to grow, a time to wither.
A time to start, a time to finish.

These keep entering my mind.

I see more and more that a time to leave is close. It's an experience that is exciting and heartbreaking all at once. But it's time. Very soon. And our new adventures will never begin until we finish this one.

I received, and I lost. Joy and heartache.
Memories were made. Good and bad. Both are cherished.

Stay humble, be patient, and the end will be wonderful. Don't embrace anger. It will cause you to do foolish things.

Humility is death to pride. Humility is waiting for your time. Humility is knowing it will come, but the exact day is out of your control. Patience is required, sometimes at the risk of looking foolish.

Some people raise children to have an answer for everything. Some people wish for their children to never suffer and never fail.

Humility and patience is a time to grow and a time to die. A time to win and a time to fail. A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to be filled and a time to empty.

Making sense does not matter. Reaching the goal loses it's priority. Explanation is impossible.

In the end, it's the process that brings joy.

It's the lessons learned, the memories made, the moments cherished, and the relationships strengthened.

Watch the sunset. Smell the flowers. Just don't forget your sorrows.
Your sorrows, when cherished, will bring a true joy. A time of sorrows is not a time wasted.

No time should be wasted.

Always remember God because every pleasant thing will perish. God is good and will never perish.

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