Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Week In Bullet Points

  • Piled in the car to go see Sook's family members on leave, without Sook, of course.
  • During the drive it hit me that it was the week before Kansas's 151st birthday and we should do Kansas stuff.
  • So I pointed out KU on the hill while driving by. I have never made a big deal about team rivalries but whenever the kids picked up on Kansas schools, they immediately asked me which school I like. So I told them that both Sook and I went to K-State so we prefer them. And they were hooked. I've tried to tell them KU isn't a bad school- it's just not my preferred school. Even so, simply pointing out a campus on a hill was sufficient for me. However.....
  • We made a detour to drive through KSU. We DID NOT get out of the car. I just drove by almost all of the places I lived and the main buildings I studied in and the stadium. And I got lost only once, on account of ...it's been a while. And things have changed. I saw my Sunset house...yes, it's still there. They LOVED it.
  • Spent quality time with the in-laws. And ate some good food.
  • TWO minutes after we left for my parent's house, Summer said she had to use the bathroom. At night. So I stopped at the rest stop in the dark drizzle. No one else was there. They took forever. They were so goofy. I have to admit, I loved it.
  • Thought for the day: time accomplishing nothing for the benefit of someone else is necessary, so you might as well roll with it.
Bill Snyder Family Stadium KSU

  • I don't remember much about this day since thinking about Tuesday exhausts me.
  • It was beautiful and Max drove his John Deer Gator around all day long.
  • Kansas weather is just crazy- and this year we are getting the better end of the craziness. Spring in January.
  • We basically finished up school and shoved them outside. To enjoy Kansas outdoor fun.
  • My sister came, too. Good times.
  • Thought for the day: Sometimes ya just gotta shove 'em outside. And sometimes they learn more from that than they could in class.
Max's "creatara" taken last fall

  • School in A.M.
  • Brother and nephew came after lunch. :)
  • Swimming .
  • Crash.
  • Thought for the day: Every single one of these children are so different, as was evident in swimming. Bold, persistant, scared, will try if you try..... Differences are good.
  • Trip to the Eisenhower museum in Abeline.
  • Savannah remembers he was a 5 star general.
  • Summer remembers his wife's jewelry.
  • Brooke remembers he has an enemy named Hilter from Germany.
  • And Max (I believe) remembers that there are a lot of really neat things to climb on that are just sitting there going to waste because no one will let him climb on anything there.
  • I bought the "Eight Wonders of Kansas" book. I loved it. I want to see everything in it. Especially the largest ball of twine. And we did see one "wonder" on Friday!
  • Ate at the Kirby House Restaurant. Because we could. The kids acted like...............kids.
  • Max ran into the street and almost got ran over. In my attempt to catch him before he was hit, I pulled a muscle in the back of my leg. So we went back to the 'boro then to Et Cetra shop.
  • Thought for the day: Field trips will never go as you think they should. Just be glad when they remember something. Anything.
  • A packed day at the Kauffman Museum in Newton, Kansas celebrating Kansas's birthday! This celebration amazes me. I would say that everyone should go, but I'm a little selfish and think any more people and we wouldn't be able to squeeze in the door.
  • Savannah is big now. She did so many things without me.
  • I got my new book signed by the author. Bonus.
  • We ate at Braum's. I wish they had Braum's here.
  • At the end of the day I wondered, "How is it possible for them to have any energy at all?"
  • Thought for the day: I love History. I never knew that before. There is a way to make History fun. Oh my, I love homeschool.
  • Returned home. Loved on Daddy.
  • It's Sunday. Have fun and relax.
  • Nothing was going my way so I said screw it all and let's go to the zoo.
  • First we ate at Fritz's because it's in my 8 Wonders book. We all ordered a sandwich and shared two fries and drank water. $22!
  • Max loved it.
  • Wonderful day at the zoo but Africa! Why are you such a long walk?
  • Summer lost her purse with her stuffed "party bear" in it. She loves her stuff. She cried.
  • Her sisters wanted to use their money to buy a new bear......so they DO actually love each other!!
  • And she hasn't put it down much.
  • Just to make Daddy spaghetti for supper. That stuffed polar bear saved a whole lot of grief today. Sometimes we sabotage our own lessons. And sometimes that's okay.
  • Sometimes homeschool is like taxes. We look for ways to get tax credit and spend money. We look for ways to learn while doing anything and everything. And it usually works for my hands on learners.
  • Thought for the day: Don't ever think going to the zoo is slacking off. There will always be math, so it can wait another day.
Gotta love Meerkats

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