Thursday, January 19, 2012


This is my personal favorite book of the Bible. The meaning of life. I paraphrased it as to how it speaks to me today, at this part of my life. I am not a Bible scholar. I'm not trying to re-write the Bible. Solomon and the Holy Spirit say it perfectly. I, however, process it when I write. And I needed this today!

Nonsense. Everything is nonsense.

Does anything I do matter? I am one in billions and we will all die. Nature will continue to run it's course, but I will quickly be forgotten.

I can't change anything. People don't learn easily. They think in their youth they are wiser than presidents, but age will prove otherwise. Then they die and a new, ignorant generation starts.

I wanted the best life possible, so I bought self-help books and read the Internet articles to find the perfect way to do anything. The more I learned, the more I failed.

I thought maybe fun times would help. I went on vacation and got my hair done. I dressed up so people would notice me. I spent all my money to give me pleasure. All these things produced more work.

I said to myself:
As I age, I am wiser. I get impressive things and say witty remarks and get almost half way to the top at my peak. Then my body fails. I can't run as fast or endure marathons. And there I end up, as foolish as a baby.

I can build up organizations with all my wisdom, but what if I die? How do I know my purpose continues?  My successor may use everything I built for evil. Then all my work is worthless.

Sometimes we thrive. Sometimes we wither.
Some things we start. Some things we end.
We light a candle and snuff it out.
We cry, we laugh.
We gather, we give away.
We get new things, we use them up.
We speak at one time, and hold our tongue when we want to  scream.
We love the good and hate the evil- and sometimes it's all mixed together.

I suppose in eternity's eyes everything matters. The problem is we dont' get that view yet. So we should do what God puts in our hearts with a full commitment, then sit back and enjoy His blessings.

Everything matters to God. He takes our obedience as a small seed and breathes life into it, covers it with soil, sprinkles it with water, and it will flourish and multiply. This is what has happened from the beginning of time and will happen until the end.

Without God's spiritual seed of life, man is not different than the animals. They are born, they go through the motions, and they die. They see this and see the nonsense of life and begin to act like the animals they are. If they don't know that their spirit is different, why try?

Then I read the news of all of the bad. The bullied, the oppressed, the starving, the hate, the indoctrination of lies athat all lead to death. Who will help these? Is there any hope at all? Wouldn't it just be better to die?

Meanwhile others are cheating and greedily taking to obtain prosperity, keeping a blind eye to those that hurt. They work so hard for all they want and say, "we earned it so why would I share?" They do not realize that it is God who provides.

They bargin with God and don't hold up their end of the deal- and keep what is really a gift. So don't get mad at God if He takes it away.

It is better to fear God.

If I envy someone with a little more, and work day and night to attain it, I'll just end up envying someone with evern more. This lifesyle won't satisfy me.

All of my anbundance turns into a curse.

Everything carnal is enjoyed for a brief time, but then brings death.

So only look to God to satisfy, and have joy.

It's a shame when a man is born wealthy and has nothing to work for. His thanksgiving is not said and his wealth is not cherished. He does not know how to keep what he has and is burdened when someone else consumes it, or dies before he distributes it.

There are those that have everything- children, wealth, and honor, yet are not filled. Wouldn't it be better to be born dead?

If all we do is purely for survival of our flesh, our soul will never be satisfied. But when we have a desire, it is better to see it come to pass than to just sit around and think about it.

A man is only a man, with select privileges and limited time. He cannot overpower, out think, or manipulate God. He is too consumed with nonsense.

It is good to be honorable and die quickly before we mess it up.

Sorrow and sadness is necessary to increase honor. It hurts to be rebuked by someone wise and it feels good to hear foolish praise. It is better to hurt. Listening to lies that improve self esteem will only oppress you.

Stay humble, be patient, and the end will be wonderful. Don't embrace anger. It will cause you to do foolish things.

Wisdom makes life better, and is more helpful than knowledge alone.

Just don't think you are wiser than God.

But even righteousness will not produce satisfaction. Sometimes wickedness wins. Don't be too righteous. Or too wicked. Just. Fear. God.

No one is perfect. But learing from God improves the quality of life.

Some people hurt you. Don't think too much about it. Especially since you have hurt others as well and would like that to be forgotten.

Don't put your trust in a list of goals to attain perfect righteousness and praise from others. God has already made us perfect, but we have destroyed it by our own plans. Only wisdom from God will give a supernatural peace.

Don't get too worked up over those that have authority over us. Just obey them until there is an appropriate time of judgement from a wise man. Those in authority cannot bind your spirit. You can still pray all you want. Once you die, man's authority will end.

And we all die.

Anger, getting even, pride, and envy will destroy your life. So you might as well enjoy whatever life throws at you until you die.

Life, in general sucks. There is only hope in the Spirit of Life. Once you die, you don't get another chance. So why waste it on strife?

If you have to live in this nonsense anyway, you might as well take your family and work and wisdom and enjoy it. Then die.

Don't be prideful of your skills. Stay humble. You don't know the future, and you don't know all of your weaknesses. With wisdom, the weak can overtake the powerful.

Precious things can be spoiled easily. So leave fools alone. Stand for what you believe in.

Scheming may cause your own destruction so just stay the course. Be discerning whom you listen to. Be picky. Be wise. Be respectful. Don't lose heart in any circumstance because everything changes. You don't know everything so just trust God.

Watch the sunset. Smell the flowers. Just don't forget your sorrows.

Don't excuse stupidity for the young. It's better that they know God and learn early in life. Youth can be mighty in wisdom.

Always remember God because every pleasant thing will perish. God is good and will never perish.

The secret to a good, meaningful life is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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