Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Is How We Do It...(Birthdays)

My theory is that everyone should feel like a rockstar on their birthday. We focus on experiences, not presents. (presents = more stuff for me to manage) 
My husband's cultural differences have proven that birthdays just aren't a big deal, so some of this is without him. The best part includes him, though.

Gettin' Ready!
We started the day with a makeover using her new makeup

Out on the town
We even got rockstar parking

Ate brunch

(Max likes to take pictures so he can see the pic in the camera)

His work

Surprise! Grandma shows up and takes us to Science City
(Savannah's favorite thing of all is science. Perfect.)

Then over to the Crayola Cafe in Crown Center

"Oh, mama! This is the best day ever!"

...followed by a little shopping with some birthday cash....

She got the butterfly wings, a wand, and fairy skirt. I was relived that her choice indicated she is still a little girl!
She had one gift to open

Pinwheels and kaleidoscopes for everyone

An ice cream cake (a must-have)

Saturday morning we woke up "early" and she and Daddy ran her first 5k!

I was so proud I cried. Good thing I had huge sunglasses on.

More family came. The neighbors were having a garage sale. They manned the lemonade stand. Playing in the perfect weather. Until sundown. It was a perfect birthday weekend.


  1. Don't suppose Sook would sell me his Run for Mercy T shirt?

    We're birthdaying like a rockstar next weekend, yes?

  2. Jamie-I'll ask but I don't think he'd have a problem with it. I'm super excited for next weekend!