Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Food Chain

Today Savannah and I had a long talk about food chains....

listing different examples of food chains

what would happen if one population in the food chain would decrease

or become endangered

and what "population" and "endangered" means

Several house later our diner entertainment was poetry reading from this book:

What a Day It Was at School!

Jack Prelutsky is one of our favorites. This is one of the poems we read:

In The Cafeteria

I was feeling sort of silly,
So I took a bit of bread
And directed it precisely
At my buddy Benny's head.
"Who did that?" Benny shouted,
As he shot out of his seat,
Flinging carrots at Carlotta,
Who then threw her peas at Pete.

Pete took a small tomato wedge
And hurled it at Denise,
Who responded, catapulting
Macaroni at Felice.
Felice, whose aim is perfect,
Started pelting me with beans-
I believe that I am learning
What the food chain really means.

And we all got a good laugh out of that!

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