Sunday, May 8, 2011

How Mamas Party

I just turned 34. The day before Mother's day! It was the first day I smelled my lilacs this year. I know...everyone else seems to have enjoyed them much earlier. I was blessed to have smelled them on my birthday.

 I spent a good part of my birthday money on mulch and flowers. I always spend my birthday money several times over.
A few of my friends came to party and hit a few garage sales. I got my first pedicure and a fantastic diner. The little flowers on my toes makes me smile :)
My last pair of flip flops (except for my red ones) broke on my birthday so I got a new pair! Woo Hoo!

I spent a lot of time just watching the kids play. I was supposed to have a garage sale but was just too tired so I slacked off on my birthday.

There we go.

Yay!!!! I got to paint with my favorite artist!

My friends know me so well. Flowers as presents.

And that's how we party!

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  1. So glad that I was there to share it with you. Take care friend!!