Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Healing Words

As we all know, there are hurting words and healing words.

Since most of us are selfish people, I like to have the kids practice the healing part. One way is to say caring things when people are hurt. Something as simple as, "Are you okay?", "Where does it hurt?", or "Can I help you?"

Several months ago, we made a list of healing words so they would have an idea of what to say when someone was sad. It was fake and forced at first, but after a while, they actually sounded helpful. Today, Savannah, told Summer, "Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Is it bleeding? (it was not) Okay, come with me. I know what to do with this." They went up to the house and she washed the ouchie. I did not budge from pulling weeds.

When they returned, they went back to playing.

Things can feel worse than they are without kind words.

There are times, more than I would like to admit, that I learn from the kids the things in my own life I need to work on, and this is one of them. Adults need to practice this as well! And might I add, it would be a lot easier for the kids to learn this if that is what they hear from their parents.

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