Monday, January 24, 2011

Something Is Different Today

Something is different today

Yesterday I felt lacking,
Today I feel no need.
I was inadequate in my skills,
Now every task bears sufficiency.
I hope it's for good.

Yesterday I was ugly,
Today I am clothed in beauty.
Maybe you can't see it,
But I am adorned exquisitely!
Please don't go away.

Yesterday I took on the impossible
Today I deliver with grace.
I fumbled with overwhelming expectations,
Becoming a seasoned servant.
Remind me of this daily.

Yesterday I was searching,
Today blessings found me!
I have worked to find purpose,
So that I can work for my purpose.
Keep me from falling.

If I have tasted such peace,
I will gaurd it with my life.
My will I gladly give,
If this is my return.
Praise God.

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