Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Moments

Brooke wanted to stay up late and do math tonight. I love it.

I love how special she feels when we are alone together.
I love seeing her work.
I love learning her learning.
I love to look at her.
I love it when she tries to make me laugh.

She did a LOT of math. And when she was yawning and thinking slower, she said, "I want to do one more easy one." But too much of a good thing - even math - is just too much.

Max started crying when Daddy started the vacuum.

Not because he was scared, but because he wanted to vacuum.

I love learning his preferences.
I love how he looks when he is proud of himself.
I love watching Daddy patiently guide his vacuuming.
I love "getting" what he is trying to say.
I love it when he is happy.

Summer put on her Princess dress, lifted up her hair, and asked me to tie it for her.
"You tie it tighter than we do."

I love how she compliments others.
I love how elegant she makes herself look.
I love her questions.
I love how she wants to be kissed.
I love kissing her chubby cheeks.

Savannah runs to the kitchen and instructs her sisters on the experiment she wants to try.

I love how inquisitive she is.
I love that she loves to read.
I love how she is learning to lead.
I love how she takes care of the others.
I love, love, love my time learning and talking with her.

There are many frustrating moments as well, but these were the happy moments with my children today.

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  1. I just love the way you love the gifts God has given you!