Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Reasons to Drink Milk

We did some fun things today.

I returned my milk jars so I had some cash in my pocket and decided to blow it at Half Price Books. In the meantime I thought, how novel (no pun intended). The more milk we drink, the more book money we have.
If they read 15 books I'll buy them a new one, or something like that. It's healthier than Book-it.

Savannah has decided to take it upon herself to do one experiment a day. I told her that was fine but she needed to be responsible for gathering materials. Today we drew with crayons on a hard boiled egg and soaked it in vinegar. The vinegar eats away at the naked shell but leaves the part we drew on, because it combines with the calcium in the shell. The wax protects the shell from the chemical reaction. I told her we'd try that with a chicken bone sometime to demonstrate the calcium in it as well. I have read that the vinegar makes it rubbery.

Another good reason to drink milk- to keep your bones strong. Completely unplanned, but it fit together in a round-about way.

I'm already tired! Thank God my kids are creative!

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