Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When I started this blog, I was thinking about ways to learn at home that were sort of natural lessons. Like games and chores and things that just happen in a day that can be turned into lessons. That is the way I operate best.

But then I found out that I really like writing, I started spilling my guts over thoughts brewing during the day. My camera is not an option right now which makes the kids activities a little less fun to blog on. But I was thinking about the things I love that I tend to hone in on during the day. These are my passions.

1) God. At times I've tried to tone down my faith because I'm sure there are those rolling eyes at me, but I love God. I am nothing without my faith, and it always comes back to God. I am equally unpassionate about fake religious people so I feel kinda torn when I say "Christianity", because some that call themselves Christians are my brothers and sisters that I love dearly and some are not that at all. In many cases, that has confused people around me. I don't like getting into religious bandwagons, I just love God because He loves me.

2) Creativity. Writing, painting, drawing, designing, acting, teaching (absolutely!), sharpies, stickers, or really cute picture boxes. Seeing things from a new- or at least less viewed point of view. I love to see what creative people come up with! I love to see God's creativity in people!

3) Food. Is there anything more interesting than food? Not just for eating but food involves growing, producing, preparing, serving, tasting, and metabolizing. I love each of those areas of food! Everybody needs food, and most people enjoy it as well. Food is amazing.

4) Children. From what I have witnessed in my 33 (and a half) years is that the childhood period is so very important and sets each individual on a path that is very difficult to leave as they age. Eating habits, social behaviors, character, priorities, world views, and self worth are some of the many aspects of a life that are branded into an individual early on. That is why children tug at my heart more than any other social group. They are the most innocent yet the most vulnerable. And after childhood is over, it is difficult to work with one who was not at least pointed in the right direction. We need to reach them during childhood.

5) Nature. Just look outside (even in the suburbs) and you will see something interesting to look at. It could be a beautiful landscape job with a variety of shrubs and flowers, the ever changing sky, a winter tree with nests left behind, a snowflake, a rainbow, or even the most interesting part of nature...people. Even ugly people are beautiful once you look into their soul. If you don't awe over nature, I challenge you to look deeper- into the center of a blooming flower, at the variety of creepy crawly bugs, the changing colors in the sky, the sounds of the dawn, the arrangement of seeds in a melon, or the story behind a face.

These are my passions. My passions= my posts, which, in turn, fuel my passions. Thanks for reading.

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