Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Talking In The Car

I know, it's so annoying. (at times)

And sometimes I don't even hear them talking because my brain has tuned it all out or I'm just thinking or 5 people are talking at once while I'm driving and I just can't concentrate.

BUT,  I do believe that the conversations we have with our kids is way more valuable than a textbook.

Today it was laying sod. We have had a ton of construction in the area which is not very fun but seeing the progress from day to day is interesting.

The rolls or "bales" (what they looked like) of grass on the flatbed trailer, the watering from a huge truck, a roller going over the grass, and driving by dirt on the way to the grocery store.....driving by grass on the way back, all points of interest.

Pouring cement.....

Licence plate states/counties.....

Who likes KU, who likes K-State......

What different trucks are for.....

Who is working? What are they doing?

Why are there so many cars driving at 5:00?

But then, there are times silence is a necessary thing!

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