Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Soup

I didn't have much for lunch....a few ingredients leftover from previous meals.

So, we decided to throw together a soup.

Ground beef,

                 some potatoes,

                                                               green beans,

                                                                                                             tomato juice,

and a few spices.

Ellie peeled the potatoes, Savannah cut the green beans,

and Max came and left his mark.

This reminded me of a story, "Birthday Soup".

We read the book while we let the soup simmer...
"I think my friends will come,
but I do not see a birthday cake.
My goodness- no birthday cake.
What can I do?

The pot is by the fire.
The water in the pot is hot.
If I put something in the water,
I can make Birthday Soup.
All my friends like soup.

Let me see what we have.
                                 We have carrots and potatoes,
                                  peas and tomatoes;
                                  I can make soup with carrots, potatoes, peas and tomatoes."

Then we acted it out.

Then we ate the soup. Everyone had seconds!

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