Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Feel So Rich (Even If My Portfolio Doesn't Show It)

So, since sometime in June I've been more deliberate about turning everything over to God. Money, time, talents (or lack of).

I like the idea of extreme living. Even though my life may not look too extreme right now, I feel thrilled because I have put all my trust in God. I am free! Who knows where this will take me?

I believe what the Bible says. All of it. 2 Truths I stick to:
1) Jesus is God, and He loves me.
2) God's book is in the Bible. It's my instruction manual for life. (A pretty good read, too.)

So, if I believe what the Bible says I can turn everything over to God and then I don't have to worry about ME, I can focus on serving those that really need help....not because I'm all that great, but because "I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me."

I'm getting to my point.....

I have made an attempt to watch the sun rise. It doesn't always happen, but my rule is during a certain time of each day I praise God. During this time I don't think about what needs to be done or what I'll do next or even how I can help people. I just think about how wonderful God is. I mean, he made the sky so incredibly beautiful, especially when the sun rises and sets.

I have found myself finding more and more reasons to be thankful and to praise God, which, in turn, gives me less and less reasons to complain and worry.

I have had so much joy in the little things.

Don't get me wrong, days can be so hard and things still break, we get tired, and we mess up plenty. But joy is not based on circumstances. I find my joy in every way God has blessed me! The sky will always be there to look at. Flowers, friends, my children, the awesomeness of science, provision, nature, FOOD, and people.

The moral of this story: STOP thinking about yourself and praise GOD!

I can see what I have and not what I don't. Just this weekend we:

painted pink and green polka-dot fingers and toes
spotted countless butterflies
picked apples
played in the creek
admired wildflowers
listened to echos under the bridge
fed the fish at sunset
rode the 4 wheeler
picked more apples- on the top of the tree inside the cage lifted by the high loader. wheeee!
studied anthills
took a ride in the semi truck
watched men pour cement
rode carnival rides
compared poultry (really, this was a blast. Do you know how many different kinds of chickens there are?)
ran through water fountains
saw a large butter sculpture
saw a HUGE pumpkin
ate on the deck
flipped on the trampoline
painted jeans
pictures, pictures, pictures
more nature walks (and had a snack on the way- apples)
made apple pies, apple crisps, and cookies!!
watched spiders weave their webs and catch their prey
watched the sky as the clouds blocked the sun on my way to Grandma's. (my eyes were thankful)

Well, that's what I can remember.

When we got home tonight, I took Max out of the car and he grabbed on to the door so I wouldn't move and studied the sky, then pointed to the bright stars. Even my baby can see how incredible they are.

As we got inside, Savannah was a little scared to go potty, so I sat near the door as she said, "Momma, we have a little house so I know you will always be near me." I wanted to cry. (with joy)

Praise God.

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