Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Strawberry Jell-o

"I don't have a brain anymore. It turned to strawberry Jell-o because I did too much PBS kids." -Brooke

Buck Denver said your brain will turn to strawberry Jell-o if you play too many video games. Brooke never ceases to make me laugh. I'm pretty sure most kids think like her, she just says everything she thinks so I happen to know everything she thinks.

Right now, my brain is strawberry Jell-o. I go through the day thinking, "That was fun! I could blog about that." but by the end of the day the excitement has fizzled- or I can't even remember what we did.

It was a pretty good day. I just can't remember why it was a pretty good day. It probably had something to do with the weather, though.

Here are some things I've gotten excited about lately:

  • I'm trying to save money, so I have found a bunch of recipes for homemade products. Thank you, Karoline for the detergent idea. I hate spending money on anything related to cleaning when I could be buying mums.
  • My menu for the fall is filled up and I am on a cooking roll. It is all fairly healthy, easy, semi kid-friendly if I do say so myself. Oh, and not too expensive. I don't cut back on good food. I have put some on a recipe blog, and want to get my whole menu on there, time permitting.
  • Cooking with the kids is so messy but so worth it. I want to share my experiences but like I said, I can't remember them right now.
  • Overwhelmed, need to stay calm, one day at a time, one hour at a time, one task at a time....Lord, I have sanity only because of you. Why? Because I can trust that if I miss something, you will somehow take care of it. That is not just a happy thought. It's very real to me. Every. Single. Minute.
Maybe one of these days I'll get to it all, but if not the sky won't start falling.

I love this time of the day. Good night!

P. S. Does anyone else own this book? I love it. (You don't have to be a Mennonite to appreciate it.)

Or this one? Good healthy stuff in here.

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