Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bedtime Snack

I'm not a routine kind of person, but I've found that with the kids routines make everything so much easier!

So, every night, they get dressed for bed while I make a snack. During warmer weather it's smoothies, and during the cooler weather it's hot chocolate.

This is my recipe. I have tried to make it as healthy as possible without being outrageously expensive. Measurements can be varied to any one's taste.

Frozen Fruit Smoothies:

1 1/2 cups plain yogurt
1/2 cups milk
1/4 cup frozen OJ concentrate
1 t. vanilla
1 T Stevia (you don't need much, too much gives it an after taste)

****blend in a blender******

2 bananas
1-1/2 cups of your favorite frozen fruit blend

******blend some more, until it's all mixed in*********
(this makes 4 child sized smoothies and 1 Mama sized smoothie)

Get generic plain yogurt.

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute. You don't have to add this but I find the kids like it a little more with a little in it.

For variety, we get a few different fruit blends. I also like to use mixed berries to get our fill of antioxidants. The kids sometime ask for just blueberries because they want a purple smoothie. I was spending a fortune on berries, so I started buying in bulk (Sam's).

We like the frozen fruit because it is cheaper than fresh, we don't have to get what is in season, and we like that it adds a frozen texture. Summer says she likes it "wrinkly" and not smooth.

You can also buy bananas on sale or at Sam's and freeze them to save some cost. Freezing the bananas also adds wrinkles.

For Max, I just put about 1/4 cup in his cup with a lid/straw, add milk to thin and shake.

Any extra can be frozen. If you put a frozen smoothie in the refrigerator at night, It'll be ready and waiting for you in the morning!

We all sit at the table while I read a chapter out of a storybook right before bedtime. Now they can't say "I'm huuuuuuuuuungry!!!!!" right after I put them to bed. They get dairy and fruit without a ton of calories. And since it is routine, I've gotten a few of the girls to eat a healthy food they would have refused otherwise.

AND it's easy to make. They can help! Night all!

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