Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Of Our Favorite Things: Munschworks

Grandma has a membership to Exploration Place in Wichita. They recently had a Grossology exhibit. Grandma visited, along with at least one enthusiastic child, 5 or 6 times. It talks about all the gross stuff that your body does. I can't hardly stand to read it, but the kids love it.

There was also an exhibit about other stories by an author, Robert N. Much. Grandma also had a collection of his stories in the book Munschworks.

We love Grossology, but we especially love Munschworks. We quote the characters and act out the stories over and over again. Currently, it is the only book necessary when we are at Grandma's.  Savannah reads it. Ellie Reads it. Summer reads it. Brooke pretends to read it (and gets pretty darn close). All by their choice.

"Clang, clang, rattle bing bang. Gonna make my noise all day."

"Do you need a baby?"
"Does it pee it's pants?"

"That's doesn't sound like my mother. That doesn't sound like my father. That sounds like PIGS!"

"It's all your fault! You told me to stand there and not move, and now people are trying to buy me!"

"I have to pee!"

"Murmul yourself. I'm only 5 years old. I cannot take care of a baby."

Some potty talk. Lots of laughs.

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