Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Of My Favorite Things: Menu Writing

About a year ago while I was on bed rest I was so frustrated because I never had meals ready. I would go through the day, completely unorganized and then everyone is hungry so.....hummmmm McDonald's??

Until I realized that I'm a dietitian! I write menus all the time when I'm at work so why wouldn't I do the same here? It helped so much. I have a very loose 4 week cycle. I'm working on updating it now. Interested?? Here are some menu writing pointers:

  • Go through your recipes and start jotting them down in categories: Entrees, sides, desserts.
  • Create a table for one week; breakfast, lunch, and supper.
  • Start with the entrees. Fill something in for each meal. Try to consider kind of protein source for variety, cost, and amount of time it takes.
  • Then fill in sides. Go for a variety of color. Try new veggies. They should fill up 1/2 of your plate!
  • Don't worry about getting it perfect at first. Mark the meals that really work with a highlighter and make changes to the ones that don't.
  • It's okay if you don't follow it exactly- the point is that you will be prepared for something each meal of the week!
This takes time but will save you bunches later on. Make a grocery list of everything you need each week and save it on your computer. Each week, print it off and cross off anything you don't need to buy. There is you list and you know you have enough food for one week. No need to run to McDonald's- unless you really want to. Plus when I follow this I have just enough food, less waste, less overeating, and better cost controls.

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