Sunday, May 2, 2010

In The Neighborhood

I have a few great neighbors that also have little girls somewhere the same age as mine. They have thick, green grass and beautiful landscaping.

I have clover and dandelions....along with some grass. I do have nice flower beds that I struggle to keep in order.

Their houses appear to be tidy and welcoming.

Mine???? Yeeeh.

We came home from one night away, our bags still lay in the living room. It was so nice we had to get outside. I was planting a few flowers and my girls wanted to play in the backyard where the overgrown clover was when the other girls came over. Thankfully, they were just having a good time and I fought the urge to be worried that the lawn wasn't mowed.

Eventually, someone suggested they go inside and one of mine yelled, "Do you want to go see the dead spider in the shower downstairs???"


I kept working outside while I'm sure they got the full tour of the mess and spiders.

Max went to sleep, so I decided to mow the lawn. I got it started, but it wouldn't turn off! I had to go ask the nice neighbor man with the sweet little girl who knows all too well what my house looks like how to turn off my mower. By this time, the girls were in his basement.

I asked the girls to come home for supper but since I had spent the whole afternoon outside I had no supper for them. I really wanted ice cream.....oh, don't judge me! I know you've done it too!! :)

They run to the car yelling, "we get to have ice cream for supper!" And yes, nice neighbor man heard it all.

It's a good thing I'm not insecure anymore. (sarcasm)

They did eat a little bit healthier later while they watched a movie and I was still outside. It was absolutely beautiful. I was thinking about my day and smiled.

It was a great day. And if my good neighbors actually sit around and talk about me (probably not) in a negative way, then they really are not good neighbors. But they are, so I doubt they do.

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