Saturday, May 1, 2010


I've written a lot about individuality and how I believe finding and being comfortable with it is a big key to success and happiness. This morning my Brookie (4, youngest of the girls) came and sat on my lap and started to sing and asked me to sing along. This was new, but not surprising. I have found her sitting in her room listening to music quite a lot lately.

Let me backtrack a little.

My two older girls have played well together and stuck together, leaving Brookie out. They've told me many times they don't like her because she is hard to talk to (especially when she was younger) or doesn't play like they like it. She is offended and gets mean right back at them and ....sigh.....nobody is happy.

To make matters worse, she is just different than them. She does not learn as easily just because she'd rather be laughing, drawing, or singing. I think that's good! I LOVE that she is in my house because she makes me laugh every day- especially on the days that I need to laugh! She knows that I love her but she is insecure in the fact that she does not fit in. How could anyone so fun and beautiful (Mom talking) be insecure?

But lately something changed. She is sharing, using kind words, obeying (a little better). I could be maturity or something she learned in church??? Or maybe she's just happier because she has started singing more??

By now (4 years old) Savannah was starting to read, counting to 100 and counting by 10's.... I could go on and on. First child, you know. Brookie doesn't do that yet and does not care. And I don't care! I want Brooke to be Brooke and love being Brookie!

I have studied my kids and written my findings in a journal. They are all so different in many ways. I love each of them the most.

They each painted a rainbow (Ellie included). I love
how different they are!


  1. Your daughters are fortunate to have you as a mother. It is really nice to be accepted for who you are. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Beautiful! I love your perspective.