Monday, May 17, 2010

The Agekteves Game

We made up a new game today. It probably isn't new, but it's new to us. For lack of a better name, we'll call it The Adjectives Game.

Savannah's into her Mad Libs and was wanting to learn about adjectives (her choice). So here it is.

1. You take a piece of paper and make 3 columns on it.

2. Have someone pick out an object in the room. Using a timer (2 minutes or so) come up with as many adjectives as possible for that object.

3. The winner has the most.

4. Pick a new object, go to the next column.

Then Savannah made up her own Mad Lib.

The Agekteves.

The glasses were breasy.

The wind was hot.

The sponges were loud.

The blankets were fast.

The paintings were broken.

A+ for creativity, B for spelling. (not that I ever give grades.)

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