Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My optimism is a defense mechanism because hopelessness is so depressing and depression is debilitating and I've just got to get things done.

I have heard Christians say that they wish Eve wouldn't have sinned so we wouldn't have weeds. (um, I think weeds are annoying, but sin has produced way worse!)

But hey, God can make bad things work for good. So weeds can be a good thing.

  • Pulling weeds is stress reliving. Good thing I have so many weeds to relieve all of my stress! (I wish folding laundry had the same affect)
  • Hard work really makes things more beautiful. Even though a visitor may not think much of my flower bed, It is gorgeous to me!
  • You get to discover a whole new tiny world down there. You may even start talking to them depending on how stressed you are. (I was apologizing to a worm today.)
  • Since I usually won't just sit outside when there is stuff to do inside, this gives me a reason to sit and do little while accomplishing much. Fresh air does a body good.
So there you have it. Weeds can work for the good.

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