Friday, April 23, 2010


These beliefs are what keep me going.

1.God made us with a purpose in mind, and made us to fit that purpose. The things that excite us, the things that keep us going do this for a reason - because we were made to do things, and to like the things we do.

That's why some people major in chemistry. Why would anyone do that to themselves???? If I did that, it would be very wrong for me, the thought itself is torment. But, according to one friend that did major in chemistry, it was a challenge and he actually liked is he weird for following what made him excited? Maybe, but if that is the case, normal is very boring. I'd rather talk to a chemist that loves his job than a movie star that hated his.

2.Things come into our lives at the right times to give opportunity and encouragement to do what we should do in order to fulfill the purpose that leads to a greater enjoyment of life.

Every job or opportunity that was a blessing to me has not been forced. It was the result of taking what was there to take. Not that I think being aggressive and proactive in life is a bad thing. Just knowing when to act is the key.

I school my kids at home because the thought of it thrills me, and I know that makes me weird to some people. I know this is what I am to do, for now.

Blessing upon blessing has occurred in just one year. When I need materials for a subject, the right tools, etc. I get them without much effort.

I am from the country. That is where my parents still live and I am welcome to stay almost anytime. We have the benefits of living in an urban area and visiting the country when need be!

So we've been talking about frogs and so what better way then to catch some tadpoles! Perfect timing--and not because I'm so organized. (get my drift?)
This sort of thing gets me so excited I can hardly stand it!!

3. If you are given a vision, dream, get excited about weird things, etc. you are just plain foolish to let opportunity slip through your fingers.

I have little sympathy for complainers. We all can have the same amount of help if we are willing to take it.

Oh, and by the way, this thought has recently been spoken to me in different ways, from different people that I have great respect for. Here is one....coincidence? I think not.

So, I have another dream going through my head that seems to be coming together. I'm not ready to publicly say what it is yet......

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