Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Worms In My House

The other day at the park we saw a worm on the sidewalk squirming for something to crawl in. We studied him and then moved him a few inches over into the dirt.

During our walk today I pointed out hundreds of dried up worms on the sidewalk and reminded the girls of how we saved the worm from a similar fate. That reminded me of a wormery idea I had bookmarked for just the right time, so when we got home (the same time the girls threw on their swimsuits because it was sooooo hot outside) we started making a wormery.

We dug in the mud looking for worms and then put dried up leaves from the compost pile. It was really messy...

Brooke has been scared of worms and other creepy crawly things this spring, but by the end she was picking them up and putting them into her wormery.

We even found a few worm stickers to decorate them with. So now I have worms living in my house!

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