Friday, April 2, 2010

Unfulfilled Expectations

In my experience, disappointment is often followed by bad feelings and sometimes terrible behavior.

How many marriages have quickly dissolved because the romantic, idealistic picture we paint as engaged couples turns into, well, two people that are human trying to mesh their dreams, values, and way of living together? We might as well just except the reality that we were wrong. Very, very wrong.

What if your child has not grasped the concept of time yet and you tell her you are going to Grandma's this weekend on Monday (MISTAKE!) and they think that means tomorrow. They pack up and sleep in their shoes ready to go. Even though you explain the days of the week while they are wiping away the tears, reality to them is pure disappointment.

Your basketball team has the tools for being the champions! Complete excitement before every game and stellar moves build up hope for victory! But it only takes one bad game to mess it up which can result in some very upset fans. (The greater the excitement, the harder the fall, and the more potential for unthinkable reactions.)

You are mistreated and used by your king and someone has claimed to be the Son of God. According to prophesy, this person will deliver you from bondage and make your life so much better. You cheer Him as He comes through the city, ecstatic! But it appears he will loose, so you turn on Him. One day you love Him and the next you hate Him. You find yourself cheering for His death.

What I know:
People will disappoint. You can count on it.

You (I) will disappoint. Then you will need to do damage control- or not.

Communication can save much heartache.

Even if you do communicate properly, someone may still misunderstand, and maybe even hate you.

Jesus was horribly misunderstood and was painfully murdered. Here is the Good part- He did it as part of God's plan. God uses anything for Good. Jesus still had the victory and so do I!

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