Monday, March 22, 2010


Our lives are filled with stories. Not one story, but thousands-even millions of stories. Some take all of 2 minutes of our lives while some take decades.

Many times- most of the time the story line is out of our control. The main character- me, you, whomever' s life it is- is in control of the mood. Some stories are tragic and some heroic. Some can go through some of the most horrible situations and come out victorious. Others have minor difficulties yet can tell the most dramatic plot.

Stories can end and begin suddenly. Layoffs, pregnancies, deaths, car accidents, miracles, gifts, chance encounters can all happen in the blink of an eye and wherever your life is going takes a dramatic turn and one story ends while another begins.

There is great struggle in some stories, while others are light hearted. Depression. Excitement. Suspense. Heartache. Joy.

Frustration can come when the character of the story tries to finish it before the time comes. The husband that expects to finish the day with a hearty dinner and a quiet evening at 12 noon. The couple that plans to retire at 55 and travel together. The parents that envision their 5 year old as the first person on Mars.

I have gone through years of painful depression due to my inability to let someone else have control of where my stories will take me. Healing is such a beautiful thing.

Today my 4 year old found ants in the bathroom and she was scared of them. She told me they weren't supposed to be on the toilet but they were there because they were friends and wanted to play together.

Tomorrow, I am not sure what my story will be. Next year, my 40's, empty nesting, is a mystery. Life is an adventure. What I can be sure of is this. What I have today is a blessing and I will always cherish today. I will never be alone. I love the Lord and His promise says that "All things work for good for those that love the Lord." The rest of my life will probably be very difficult. After that, paradise.

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