Monday, March 8, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

Yesterday Sook told us he would meet us at Dos Reales for supper. I appreciate not having to cook. Eating out is hard work in a different way. Yesterday was entertaining as well.

On the way, this was our conversation (over the kid's CD)

Ellie: "Aunt Wendi, did we have lunch today?"

Me: "Uh, yeah"

Ellie: "Aunt Wendi, what did we have at lunch time?"

Me: "Pork roast."

Ellie: "What's a roast?"

Summer: "A roast is when you burp and that is roast." (she meant

We like Dos Reales for the quick, cheap food and free chips and salsa. The girls must like it for the bathrooms. I spend half of the time in the bathrooms there.

My tostaguac was very good. I only order one so I don't stuff myself but I really want to eat all of it! When I had a few bites left, Brooke announced, "Mommy!!! I have to go poop!!!"

I start shoveling my tostaguac. I want to finish it before we journey to the restrooms.

"MOMMY!!! I have to poop, I have to poop Mommy! I have to POOP!"

So I leave my tostaguac uneaten. I'd have to finish it later.

So I go to the bathroom with my singing daughter, she goes in, and says "la la la la cha cha cha ma ma ma ..." etc.

Brooke: "Mommy, I'm gonna wock you owt. You can't come in

Me: "Brooke, are you going yet?"

Brooke: "Mommy, you can't come in. I wocked you out! STAY

Me: "I don't want to come in. Are you done yet?"

Brooke: "Yeah, I'd done, I'm wiping."

Me: "Do you need help?"

Brooke: "Oh, yeah, I wiw wet you in now. Here you go. You can
come in now. I opened the door."

(I come in the stall)

Brooke: "Oh, I'm not done

(I go out of the stall)

Brooke: "Blah blah blah blah" (for about 2 more

Me: Brooke, I'm hungry. I'm ready to go back.

Brooke: "Just ONE more, Mommy! Three poops. That's all, Mommy.
I weft the door open. It's open, you can come in.....Uh,oh! I got poop on

Me: "Here, just let me do

We finish up. I go back to my seat. My plate was gone. Great. At least there are free chips and salsa AND free refills on my coke.

I am happy to report we had no spilled drinks, no meltdowns, and minimal climbing on booths that weren't ours.

When we get in the car and start driving home Brooke says, "When we get home I'm gonna eat supper. I'm hungry."

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