Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Case You Wanted to Know...

Right now, we are loving math. Yep, MATH!

I like to incorporate math in everyday life from counting to cooking, measuring, more or less questions, games, etc. I think this has given somewhat of a foundation for learning math concepts.

Recently I have found some super math programs that are working for all 4 of my girls (pre-K to 1st Grade currently)

Kid Zone- many worksheets and learning ideas- not just math but I like to be able to just go somewhere and print something off as needed. It eliminates piles of math books lying around.

Giggle Learn- for 1st-3rd grade. This teaches technique for addition and subtraction. I wish I would have learned from these people in elementary school, not the stupid point system. Up until now I have had to count the points on numbers for several equations. I love this program so far and so do all of the girls! (All with different learning styles!)

ixl math- online practice based on state standards. This way I know I'm not leaving anything out and the kids love "playing math" on the computer. You can do this for approx. 15 minutes a day for free, but if you subscribe they keep records of what your child has accomplished, give virtual prizes and e-mail certificates, all which motivate my kids. I think it is well worth it!

I am struggling with either sending my kids to bed on time or letting them stay up a while and do math. Since I am a night owl, the math usually wins.

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