Monday, April 26, 2010

Keeping It Real

I'm a little selfish. If someone is my friend it's because I have something to gain. If someone is my friend, there is something about them that I have great respect for and I hope a little rubs off on me! (Oh, and I'd also like to be a friend to them.) I don't always tell them what it is because compliments make me uncomfortable and I assume (some of them) are the same way.

So this is something I learned from watching one of my friends: Don't dumb things down. Use real words and talk in real sentences. Refer to yourself as "I" or your stuff as "my" when talking to children as young as possible. Use words like "congruent" (I just re-learned what that was today!)

Summer said, "Mama, this puzzles me." I couldn't help it. I clapped my hands and said, "Summer, I LOVE your vocabulary! So she's used the word "puzzles" more often now.

Think of all the vocabulary you don't have to "teach"- and they don't have to memorize definitions for! Thanks to my friend for being an example to me! (:

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