Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Thanks

I was determined to do good on Halloween because I really dislike the day. I know that makes me sound like a cranky self righteous Christian. I don't think I am... but the fact is the day is a downer to me, and the concept goes against much of what I teach my children about faith, character, and health.

I'm just going to say this- I love you, but if you are sorry for my kids because their mom hates Halloween, don't. I have happy kids without Halloween, without Santa Claus, and without the Easter Bunny. And without television.

In the past we gave out candy and decorated pumpkins. This is fun to see our friends in their costumes, but our friends have mostly all moved away and even when I turn out the lights, people still ring my doorbell. Quite frankly, it annoys me.

I thought about going shopping for operation Christmas Child, but I wasn't feeling it. No, I knew I was supposed to participate in Trunks of Treats at church. So I signed up... and then I realized I didn't have a car- or a trunk to decorate since Sook would be at work. I almost turned to scratch my name off the list when my spirit said, "I told you to do this." That was Sunday.

Monday we got a car. I needed it for several reasons but Trunks of Treats was one. God, thanks for my new (to me) mini van.

Thanks for a beautiful Halloween night. Thanks for the precious children that came and obediently said, "thank you" after their parent's reminder. Thank you for giving my children something to be excited for. Thank you for making me step out in faith and do this. Thanks that my husband did the same and willingly bought me a nice car. Thank you for your peace. Thank you that my kids are creative enough to come up with some homemade costume ideas.

Oh yeah, and thank you for my church. What wonderful people to surround myself with on such a night.

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