Thursday, October 11, 2012


Every day possible, I will post a thanksgiving or two A) because I'd like to skip Halloween and B) I will be gone for a while, and may not be able to blog... so let's get this started now!

I am compiling thoughts on household posts for a right time. But this is the time for giving thanks.

Today, I loved coming home to this:

A child's creativity that is free from external hindrances is the most pure form of art that I know. And I am honored to be the mother of four incredibly creative children. I get to know them and love them for every unique quality. I get to be excited with them when they discover something new and I get to hang their handicrafts on my refrigerator. I get to watch their made up plays and "professional" skating shows. I get to hold them and tell them how wonderfully they were made. I get to be the one to love my children just as I would want to be loved. Which is, to be wholly valued for exactly what I am. Thankfully, God loves me like that, and has put others in my life to do the same. I get to give my children a glimpse of God's love. Thank you, God, for making me a mother. I would never know this kind of love without the opportunity of motherhood.

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