Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Boyfriend.

When he calls, I tell the kids to be boyfriend is calling.

It just seems appropriate. Not so business-y.

Yesterday I stepped out in my (thankfully) fenced in backyard and just about leaned over to beat my head on the deck railing. TWO MONTHS ago the kids slept in the backyard, and the tent, although taken down, still lay on the patio. I've asked him countless times to take care of that. That is a dad's job, right?

I almost got mad. Then I realized there was no good reason why I shouldn't put it away.

I also realized that since I have been working more than usual, he gets five or six good hours of sleep a night, and since we have only one car, he must leave when I return. Oh, and we have been living meal to meal (no car to get groceries). There isn't much down time.

Grace is needed in this house. Liberally, for everyone.

Oh, yeah. He messes up. But he also seems to work things out. He always finds a way. His way, yes... but it is a way. And what is it all for if I can't sit back and enjoy the view. I love that man.

It hit me a while back that, although I think it is ultimately the husband's job to set the family on the right track, it is the wife that makes the husband shine. They are men, they think like men. That is what makes them so wonderful, yet they are not women, and we (I) have a tendency to expect that they should think more like me.

So there may be incredible men out there whose fabulous skills are being graffitied on by a women's judgement. God forbid that to be true of us.

(I realize the opposite is true as well, but my job is to bless my husband and not my own womanhood. Therefore I shall stick to my point.)

I pray I always view him as the man I am hopelessly in love with, my hero, and my best friend.

I'm thankful for my boyfriend.

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