Thursday, February 23, 2012


Everyone needs a little spice.....

Which is why I had Brookie, I'm sure of it.

The other day I had them all lined up, holding hands, ready to cross the street....
but Brookie was in front of the car, trying to scale up a retaining wall.

Instead of saying "please" and "thank-you", she will yell at a waitress, "Hey! You forgot to give me my fork!"

She will lay down when everyone is standing, she will sing when it should be quiet, and she won't take any crap from anyone.

I often think about how glad I am that her name is Brooke, and not Sophia or Lilly. "Brooke" is a one syllable word with several hard sounds. A name you can use sharply...often.

Try it.
"Brooke! Your plate is to put food on, not to wear as a hat!"

Man, I love that kid.

Happy Birthday, Baby Brookie Boo.  Thank you for the spice.

Today I'm thankful for:
1. Brooke
2. The Zoo
3. Bedtime

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