Monday, February 27, 2012

All of the Things My Plants Can Do

Since I cleaned, I thought putting a centerpiece on my table might keep it from getting cluttered.... pretty things motivate the girls and I.

These Tillandsia plants (or air plants) are ideal because they don't require soil (one less thing to make a mess).

We named them.

Plants are good for so many things...

Look at all the shapes and textures!

With the kids, we can look at them and use descriptive words....

Or draw them, looking at the lines.

Discuss them, looking at the parts.

The roots for drinking. The stem for transporting. The leaves for making food (photosynthesis) and producing oxygen.

They can learn how to take care of them, how much water to give. Do they produce seeds? Can a stem grow roots? How much sunlight do they need?

This philodendron started from a stem cutting Grandma gave me over a decade ago.

They like to water the plants. They like to dig in the dirt and plant in a pot. They use fresh herbs in cooking. They absolutely love flowers, and to study plant differences. And I like them, too.

Yes, there are so many things my plants can do.

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