Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Advice on Parenting Advice

This has come up a few times during my day, so I contemplated it tonight while Summer was playing games on my computer way past the time I told her that she had to go to bed and I worked on Savannah's knitting project that I know I should make her do, but darn it, I'm tired of it lying around.

And before I go any further, I know I am guilty of the very thing I am about to say so if you have been a victim, please take this as an apology....and I may or may not do it again. But I'll try not to.

I hate parenting advice. Unless, of course, I ask for it. Or possibly if it is my mother, depending on my mood. If it comes from a friend that I definitely know has good intentions, maybe. That is only a handful of people for me.

Otherwise, I will take that advise and do just the opposite out of spite. Maybe. At least I'd feel like it. And if you really want to annoy me, be the first time pregnant mother to give me advise because you read some book and now you are an expert.

I've read the books, too. I will take what I want from those books but I may not take them all thank you very much.

And I don't have to explain it. That is why women talk too much. Either they are talking way too much about a third party, or they are trying to explain every darn thing in order to make sure those listening understand their intentions completely so they won't be the third party later on.

This is what you need to know: (not YOU, just the person that I would be talking to if I ever had the guts to actually say this)

1. These are my kids. I am their mother. I have known them from the second they popped out of my body. You haven't.
2. I love them more than you do.
3. I have hopes for them that are way beyond what you see here.
4. So I will do what I think is best under any one particular circumstance for my individual children.
5. And if your kids are just so wonderful that I would love mine to be more like yours, I will ask you questions. If not, stay out of it.

Because, today I found out that in order to paint my bathroom, I had my children watch two movies and I paid one to take care of Max. And it worked out perfectly. I found out that paying my children to be nice to each other is very effective for me. And movies don't hurt either.

And just as I was getting ready to discipline Savannah, I found a cup of tea she had made for me several hours earlier and ended up only half way disciplining her cause stuff like that melts my heart.

So my advice on giving parenting advice is don't. But on the other hand, please know when to seek out someone else's. (We all need a little help now and then :)

Today I'm thankful for:
1. A walk with Max and Brooke
2. My bathroom is painted.
3. Chinese food.

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