Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sometimes I Wonder......

How I get anything done.

Cleaning the refrigerator is fairly mindless so I start thinking too much. My to-do list is a self-inflicted mile long list of ambitions that I am determined to accomplish sooner or later, all jumbled up in my head and piled on stacks of random pieces of paper and in journals that I may or may not find when I need it. Or I might find it when I don't need it and put it in another pile.

Take this blog, for example. I started with it thinking that I would record our family adventures and lessons learned, but it has turned out to be about whatever I am passionate about that day. This could be anything because I am passionate about almost anything in one form or another, depending on the day. So although I have tried to stay focused. I need a focus. I can't choose a focus.

What is one word that describes me?

What are the service people that come into my home thinking?

I stopped cleaning for them. It was too stressful. And they always end up having to do something somewhere that is not clean. My children always embarrass me. Like when Brooke said, "Mommy! I don't like that man!" a few years ago. And I think it may be the wrong thing to lock them in a closet. If I ever did, surely the service person would need something in that closet.

That was sarcasm, by the way.

Today it was Max dancing in front of the computer with the Go Fish You Tube Mix. He's quite a pro. Summer and Brooke were fighting, and Savannah was just goofy.

He left saying, "you have some great kids."

*chuckle*. Whether he meant it or not, his kind comment put me at ease.

Why did I never love History before?

We just learned about Robert Fulton, the inventor of the Steamboat, so I took the family to the Steamboat Arabia Museum today. Talk about history. The largest pre-civil war collection of artifacts in the world. We read about the steamboats, we researched the history on the Arabia, and then went to the museum. This is how my children learn best. And me, too for that matter.

This is the actual tree that pierced the steamboat, causing it to sink over 150 years ago.

This is the skeleton of the mule that drowned on the boat, the one thing that Brooke will definitely remember.

I left being fascinated with the 1850's. Immediately we went over to Kansas City's "Chinatown". And got lost strolling down the isles and studying every box of these unfamiliar foods, loving a new environment, fish smell and all. I bought tea.

Then we ate Vietnamese food. Love that too. Yes, I love history and culture. And don't ask me to pick just one time period or one ethnic group to fall in love with.

How do I make leave in conditioner?
Random thought.

What has caused my "princess" Summer collect toy snakes?
Even the rubber ones scare me. I'd love to know what goes on in her head. I'm fascinated with snakes, too in a they-are-cool-but-way-too-creapy kind of way. I like them at the zoo, behind glass.

How in the world do I emotionally handle my blessings?
My kids get so giddy that they run around and dance and giggle until I go crazy. That is what is going on in my head, yet I am just there on the outside. The last few days I have been overwhelmed with nervous excitement over one thing or another. I feel like I won the lottery but now that I know what I have, I don't know what to do with it. Not a bad problem to have. However, it needs to be resolved.

I really do need to get some things done.

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