Monday, January 18, 2010

Whiskey Sticks

We received a total of 1,000 Bendaroos for Christmas. They are kinda like Wiki Sticks, but Savannah calls them "Whiskey Sticks" instead. Don't worry, she doesn't know what Whiskey is.... yet.

I wanted everyone to make something tonight. I didn't think they would choose the hardest ones to make! Frustrating!!!!

But yet they were great. They stayed focused. The instructions say things like, "make a cylinder out of the blue building sticks" or "cut off 1/3 of a stick", which makes them learn while they have fun.

Brooke was the exception. She took all of the 800 left over Bendaroos and piled them up high to make a cake. She was so proud.

"Look Mommy! I make this cake all by mysewf. I didn't need any hewp!"

"Daddy is going to be so happy when he comes home!"

"Wook Max! Do you wike my cake?"

I like Bendaroos because:

They don't spill on the floor (easy to pick up)

Reusable, if you don't want to keep the cake on display

Fine motor

Problem solving


And learning, of course.

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