Sunday, January 10, 2010


Usually I hate the snow. The cold, the putting on the snow gear and then taking it back off after only 10 minutes in the fridged conditions, driving, listening to everyone complain about driving in the snow....

I remember it snowing like this once back in maybe '83 or so??? We had so much fun! There was no way I could discourage playing in this snow. This was a real snow. Last night I drove around and I felt like I was in Colorado while surrounded by the big plowed piles of snow.

Then they hung them up because they wanted to surprise Daddy when he got home.

We learned about how snowflakes form. This was more for my sake than theirs. I don't think they comprehended, but now I know to explain it if the topic comes back up again. It starts by forming around tiny pieces of dust in the clouds......this made me think twice about making snow ice cream again. There are a lot of tiny pieces of dust in a big bowl of snow.

And one snow in particular had the most beautiful snow flakes! Think of how many snowflakes there are......just in our backyard.......and each one is so beautiful. I wish I had a better camera, but I took a few pictures anyway. Awesome!

We learned about symmetry, geometry, weather, problem solving, creation, got a little crafty, and played in the snow! And seriously, it can keep on snowing because this time I really enjoyed it. (And now that I am not working outside the house, I don't have to drive in it!)


  1. I was absolutely in awe the day of those beautiful snowflakes! I was out and about and probably stopped ten times while walking just to look at the flakes when they feel on my shirt.

    Glad you and the kids got to enjoy the snow and got some good lessons out of it, too!

  2. Ditto on the flakes! I'd be happy if it were gone now, but to stare at the masterpieces as they stayed on my sleeve was ALMOST worth it all!
    I love that the girls wanted to hang them up to surprise dad! SWEET!

  3. You take such beautiful photos! Snowflakes are beautiful, aren't they. I just wish I could enjoy them when it is 80 degrees out. ;0)

    Mrs. NB