Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Few Things....

Last night I got my cheesecake fix. We ate tacos at home and went to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. The wait was 45 minutes. My Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake was worth it. I won't need cheesecake for a while now.

I don't need Pepsi anymore....maybe Diet Pepsi every once and a while. I do still need coffee with creamer. I broke the Pepsi habit by not keeping it on hand at the house and having too many kids. We used to get in the car and drive to a drive-up vending machine to get it. It's just not worth it anymore. Dunkin Donuts coffee makes it too easy to have great coffee at home.

The other night I finished reading The Firstborn Advantage by Dr. Kevin Leman. Birth order is fascinating. I read the book because I wanted some insight as to how to channel my oldest child's leadership in a good way and not a bossy know-it-all big sister way. According to this book, out of the seven in my household 4 are firstborns. The most outspoken, though is the wannabe firstborn (me). Learning about why people act the way they do helps me to have me patience and now I feel more normal.

After the kids go to bed tonight I am going to confiscate all of their toys that are not put away. I'm not sure where I am going to put them all yet. I may have to clean out my closet first. The funny thing is, I have told them that I am going to....but they have not put anything away yet. I will probably throw away the most annoying ones, especially the McDonald's toys. Then they can earn back the ones they really want. I'll post updates about how this works. So here it goes....

Phase 1. Pack this mess up.

I think I'm gonna enjoy this.

When I get really frustrated, I can always find joy in my baby boy. Some day soon he will be like them, too. Doing things like not listening or not picking up their toys that force me to discipline (yes, it's my job, I know...but it's more fun when everyone just gets along) and get frustrated and start getting mad- and then they do something to just crack me up and I can't help but give them a big hug and laugh. Or when they just won't calm down at bedtime and all I want is for them to go to bed so I can have some peace and quiet- and then they finally go to sleep and they are so beautiful that way. That is the time I want to pick them up and give them big hugs and kisses.........but I don't since they will wake up and frustrate me again.

I can't wait till spring.

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  1. My parents took our toys one time and put them in the "black bag" because we didn't pick them up. We all eventually forgot about the black bag until one day my mom found it. We got to have our toys back and it was like Christmas morning all over again.