Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 Things

Some most days at home I am always doing something but feel like I have accomplished nothing.

Like today. I went to work, got home around 3, did a few dishes, changed a diaper, provided a snack, cleaned up the snack, checked fb, washed a few more dishes, turned on dishwasher, checked on the kids outside, wiped down the counter in the bathroom (finally)... all while on the phone. Somehow, after all that I feel like I had been slacking.

So I decided that whenever I needed a sense of accomplishment, I'd do 10 things.

Do you want to try? This is so fun. OK, here are the rules:

  • Do 10 things. It does not matter if they are 10 big things or 10 little things or a mixture. Just make sure you count 10 things.
  • If someone interrupts you, that's okay. Your 10 things will still be waiting.
  • It's also okay to get the kids to help.
  • (This is the most important one) When you have done 10 things, stop. Relax or do something you enjoy.
  • Start over whenever you want. But if you do 10 things a day or 10 things an hour, celebrate your 10 things, and know that you have accomplished something beside wiping runny noses and kissing ouchies.

Here is my list tonight:

1. Clean mail off my kitchen island.
2. Clean counter space #1.
3. Wash out water bottles.
4. Fill/ Start dishwasher.
5. Make smoothies to freeze overnight.
6. Clean counter space #2.
7. Take out recycling.
8. Put away books that were sitting on a chair.
9. Get coffee ready/set delay timer for the morning.
10. Pay some bills.

Now I can go to bed in peace.

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