Tuesday, May 8, 2012


1. Yesterday is on the top 20 list of the worst days ever. If you don't count the sixth grade. However, I had too many people wishing me a great day today to let the awfulness linger.

2. I went to work today again. I'll be going all week long. I have always loved my work, but this time around I find myself missing my kids when I am there.

3. When I got home, there was a note for me to get my  best dress on. Savannah always has a plan. I didn't really want to change, but I loved how excited she was to surprise me.

4. After my dress was on, she took me to her "beauty spa" (basement bathroom). She got out a large cotton ball, told me that I would look good with purple make up on, dipped the cotton in the purple, and gently rubbed it on my cheek. She was so proud. I looked abused.

5. Sook took them to get a balloon and cake while I was at work. Maybe that sounds minor, but not too many guys would take the kids out to the store just to get a balloon and cake. I love that guy.

6. Another one of their fab presents was about 25 drawings, all folded and taped very securely. Savannah helped me unwrap them.

7. I have had some great birthdays, but no one has ever been this excited to treat me. Well, except my sister. Anyways, my kids really do love me.

8. We ordered a giant Venus fly trap online. Savannah and I hardly can wait.

9. Summer said that we should celebrate my birthday all week long. She also asked if I would get mad if she served me cake.

 10. Max kept singing, "happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday" when he was eating  the pink lemonade pops we had made. Without pants on.

 11. I love poppies and I love to paint. I have to share just because doing this brought me so much joy the other night (at 2am).

12. If I do paint, it has to take less than a few hours and be done at ridiculous times.

13. My house that I am going to build someday has a studio in a sun room.
 12. Watercolor is so much fun!

13. I didn't cook today. I'm not even sure what everyone had. (Besides the cake). I'm sure they found something.

14. I received my "essential oils starter kit" today. What a wonderful surprise!

15. The kids got the bathroom floor all dirty, so I got to make a floor cleaning solution using my oils!

16. I also scrubbed the entire kitchen floor and even moved the refrigerator. My house smells like grapefruit.

17. I am thankful for my old linoleum floor....I am thankful for my old linoleum floor..

18. I decided that I would rather spend money on a vacation than a floor.. if I have to choose.

19. Vacations are better than ovens and dishwashers, too.

20.This little guys almost always makes me smile.
21. Yes, I know how stupid this is, to let him count eggs on my grey carpet. But really my carpet shouldn't be grey, yet it is. So who really cares? My son actually wants to count eggs on the carpet!

22. Then Summer cooked them for him. I guess that is what they ate.

23. Baths. A good time to clean the tub, or so they say.

24. Sook came home in between jobs and ate leftovers in the kitchen with me.

25. He talked about boxing. He also asked how my work was.

26. Marriage is sometimes enjoying boring things together.
27. I love origami pots. Morning Glories. I think the pots are on Pinterest.

28. I can't believe it... I can't wait to clean something else.
29. Cake, cake, cake.
30. This is me, unashamidly taking a picture of myself at 35. Someday I'll want to remember what I looked like at 35.

31. This is what I look like on a typical day in my mommy clothes.

32. I have very few pictures of myself. I have been trying to do a better job of having a few since the kids may want some one day, or so that my great grand children will know I have not always had white hair and a face full of wrinkles.

33. Oh, alright. This is what I really look like.
34. A few wrinkles, blemishes, and stained teeth. I have four kids for goodness sakes!
35. Finding Legos lying around is very annoying... unless they are happy Legos, like this structure. Evidence of constructive play makes me a happy mama. I am blessed... even on days after really bad days. Even with grey carpet that should be white, even with old linoleum floors, even when my birthday gift is 25 drawings on paper that I bought, along with the  roll full of tape. Even though I had to work and my biggest excitement was mixing up floor cleaner with new essential oils. Even though my age is starting to show.

I am blessed.


  1. I am SO IMPRESSED with your poppies! Come paint in my sunroom in June. I'll take a poppy painting as payment. ;)

    1. Deal. I'll bring paint and supplies, you provide sunroom and popsicles. :)

  2. I love that you let your son count eggs on the "grey carpet that should be white"!
    I love that you counted your blessings! And, I love that you accept yourself!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 35 can only be awesome! :)
    ~ Kirsji in Arizona ~