Thursday, May 3, 2012


I heard someone recently say that we need to know the meaning of our names, because our names are not accidents. This does not surprise me because name choosing seems sacred or spiritual to me. God made us.... maybe he chose our names, too like others we read about in the Bible.

I looked mine up in several different places. You know, after years of trying to fit in and hundreds of failed expectations and so much confusion about what we are and why we are here, this exercise might teach you something about yourself... assuming we are on the same page:)


This one I've never seen before: light skinned. It gave me chills because I am the light skinned one in our family.

The typical answer: wanderer. I've never connected with this before, but now that I am trying to find meaning to my name, I get it. First of all my mind wanders constantly. Some people call this a disorder. I'd like to think it's my own beautiful mind. Not the smartest or most efficient, but it's mine.

One meaning of the word "wanderer" is: to move about in an irregular course; meander. I just have my own way. A little slower but oh, so meaningful. I may see things others don't. I may take on a different perspective, but it is not necessarily wrong. I was born a wanderer. This is how I am supposed to be!

And finally: friend. I gather that this is a literary meaning from Peter Pan. This tells me something of a calling, because I wouldn't say that friendship is my best quality. However, it's a challenge I'm willing to accept.

We have done similar exercises with my children as well. I want them to know themselves and appreciate what they are, not based on fitting in, but based on their beautiful uniquenesses.

As for my husband, Sook, the words I've found are "rock", "light" (this is actually for a Korean girl's name), and he reports that his name is "cooked" or "mature". This has changed how I view him as well.... mature and rock. Someone trustworthy and able.

I must say this again, MY husband is trustworthy and able. Add to that God's wisdom and strength, and I've got it pretty darn good!

Next week I'll be 35. It has taken this long to understand that God didn't mess up when He made me. And I have a feeling that this will change some things in my life. Taking seriously the things I enjoy. Rejecting criticism. Loving a God who looks at me and loves me for being me.

But I also am more determined to assist my children in finding the picture that God sees in them. I hope it won't take 35 years to see the joy in it.

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  1. This is good, Wendi. Wisdom comes with years. I hope the same thing for my daughter, that she will grow into herself/find herself early in life!! :)