Friday, May 18, 2012

Dining Entertainment

I have so many exciting blog posts in my head. However, they take more time and energy than I have when I finally get to sit down.

So this must suffice for today...

I grew up in a bug killing family. A bug inside was as good as dead- and maybe even outside.  Somehow I'm raising a bug-loving family. This was purely unintentional, but I kinda like it.

We found two spiders inside today, both very small and harmless. One was spinning a web from my dining table to a stand, located precisely in our walking path to the kitchen. Without thinking, I picked up two ends of it's beginning tread and ushered it outdoors.

The other was in our centerpiece of air plants. At first, anyway..then it traveled over to Savannah who was elated to find such a guest. Max pretty much will get excited over whatever everybody else is excited about. Savannah studied the spider's anatomy carefully and was very concerned about the spider's well being. Max backed away and then asked if he should kiss it.

Killing it would have been much less exciting.

We love bugs.

1 comment:

  1. Awww, we love bugs, too!
    Even the scorpions and Widows we find. They are amazing creatures.
    I love how your son wanted to kiss the spider! :)