Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Thank you, God

For November. Halloween is over and I still had 1 1/2 days of gorgeous weather before the rain comes. Thanks for our windy picnic yesterday and extensive play time.

Thank you for this disastrous house. Thank you that my husband has so much work that we haven't completed our to-do list yet. Thank you for our vision to sell it and move, the reason why all of the cabinet doors are off the hinges. Thank you that my cabinets have doors. Thank you for the four children that are constantly needing to eat and wear clothes. Thank you for the food and clothes. Thank you for the chance to stay at home and to homeschool, which multiplies my messes.

Thank you for our lunch of banana bread, apples, sunflower nuts, and peas. Thank you that my kids insist on peas...and can/want to prepare them. Even if they insist on half frozen half cooked. Thank you for the freezer and the microwave. Thank you that even though I didn't have the time to take the kids grocery shopping this morning, there was something that they would eat.

Thank you for the dozens of drawings that are piling high. Thank you that my kindergartner has finally mastered cutting out her drawings. Thank you that my seven year old measures flour for me. Thank you that my two year old puts shoes on and takes them off in random places, and that he is proud of his tall Lego tower. Thank you that they want to write out the lyrics to their Christmas songs, and that they love to play Monopoly. Thank you that my third grader loves math so much that it consumes a huge part of my day. Thank you that she can help clean.

Thank you for friends that call me to tell me happy news, or text me with a random thought. Thank you for e-mail and Facebook so that, even when I am stuck in this house, I can still communicate with the outside world. Thank you for the computer so that I can write during quiet time. Thank you that you said, "Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, and mind and .... love your neighbor as yourself." and not, "Thou shall keep your house neat at all times."

Thank you for the pajamas that I am still in. Most of all, thank you that through all of this you will always love me, always give me the best for me, even when I fail miserably. Thank you that I don't feel guilt and shame. Thank you for being a great best friend. Thank you for being a savior, encourager, a mentor, and a provider. Thank you that I can love you.

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  1. Amen. (I have prayed this very same prayer.) :-)