Friday, November 4, 2011


Are very relaxed here.

I wrote a post full of wisdom and wit last night- and lost it.

It said that children are people. It said they practice being serious during their play. I called it "Serious Business".

Currently, Max is playing with his Legos again....together, apart, together, apart.
"Wook a dis!" Oh my word. I love watching him play.

Savannah, Summer, and Brooke are carrying around stuffed animals in a pillowcase. Summer with her backpack on. The one she has been wearing on her back for the past two days. Even in the grocery store. Her style always brings a smile to my face. Her unique, unguarded style.

Savannah is in charge of their "zookeeper" pretend play. She takes care of the details, gives the orders, and usually is the instigator of the arguments. Her imagination, though, blows me away.

Brookie tags along with the game, but will break away the second she catches a glimpse of me in order to sneak in one more hug or show me a new novelty. Today, it is her paper plate shield she made at church. "Look. I am RICH because I have this!" She squeezes me, gives me her glittered shield, and runs away to pick up where she left off with her stuffed animals.

Yes, I believe a healthy dose of play, games, laughter, and hugs might just prepare children for the adult world better than if our day was all work.

Fridays are good.

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