Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Summer Love

Summer, my middle daughter, reluctantly complied with my direction to work on her English.

"I think I have to memorize something next." she grumbled. "I hate to memorize.
"Well, you are not going to make a very good movie star if you can't memorize." I responded.

"Wait. You thought that I am going to be a movie star?"
"Well, I thought so until now when you told me that you don't like to memorize."

She paused, twirled around a few times, and said, "I guess that sounds like fun." and walked off to work on her English.


It was her turn to go to the store with me. After a year and a half of construction, we are now privilaged to go to the grocery store via the new overpass. This is not just any overpass, though. It has colorful lights that change colors every few seconds. Red, Purple, Blue, Green. It reminds me of the horse on The Wizard of Oz.

But to Summer, it is magical. That trip across the highway was like a magic flying carriage with white flying horses surrounded by ever changing colors. Even though the actual trip only takes a few seconds, time seems to go in slow motion amidst the awe of the experience. Could anything be more beautiful? I know, because I saw it in her imagination, through her huge brown wondering eyes. Oh, the thrill of going over that overpass.


Turning into our subdivision, I said, "Summer, I like you."

"You tell me that all the time", she answered.

"Are you tired of hearing it?"

"No, I am not."


She knows life is cruel. She gets her tender heart broken. She doesn't always get her way. And she still has to do school (which she says she doesn't like but I think she might be fibbing a little). And sometimes she has quite a temper.

But there is a huge burst of pure joy in that soul. I am so thankful for my Summer.

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