Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taking A Deep Breath!

Thank you to all of you who, despite yesterday's post, are still returning to read this. I wrote it purely for my own venting and I fully understand that if I am going to blog something others might read it and not very many people enjoy reading about complaining. But I think there still is some value to this- at least to me so maybe I can bless someone else as well.

Are you like me? I am on a roller coaster ride of emotions most of the time-either super excited about something and extremely positive or I crash. During my crashing times I need order and a clutter free environment, physically and mentally. And that just does not happen here! Then I resort to something creative which usually makes a bigger mess!

During those really down times, I am so thankful to know that my reality is not God's reality! I'm sure God is shaking his head saying, "there she goes again!" But He still loves me and knows I'll come around and He will be waiting there.

Pastor said something that is very thought provoking the other day. I hope I say this right. He said it is almost better to be immature spiritually than mature. If you are too mature, then you don't rely on the power given to us through the Holy Spirit. (e.g. Peter before Pentecost vs. Peter after Pentecost) That is very relieving to me because I remind myself of a two year old during my down times.

I have thought of a few more ways I could de-clutter. I took Savannah out to lunch. Just her and I. She said, "this is one of the best times with us together." We didn't have school, I took a teacher's mental health day and we cleaned instead. The girls are so much better at helping now.

I still want a bigger house with more bedrooms, a pantry, and more closet space. Until that happens, however, I will (try to) be content.

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