Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And Her Children Call Her Blessed

I know your children are the best in your world. Mine are the best in mine.

Yeah, they make me crazy but the blessings make all the bad times fade.

I had an impromptu meeting today, just because they were blessing my socks off.

Savannah had been striving...working so hard with school and then turned into a mad scientist afterwards. I told her she could do anything she wanted because she had worked so hard. She decided that science experiments are the best thing you could ever spend your time on. We made plastic and cleaned pennies with vinegar, but she didn't think any of the experiments from the book was not good enough. So she made up her own. I didn't understand it so I just let her go at it. Apparently she accomplished whatever it was she set out to do.

Ellie has been drawing pictures. I don't understand what they are for, but she shows them to me with such enthusiasm! Then she does a perfect handstand and I want to cry.

Summer was a princess/musketeer/chef/singer/dancer/gymnast. She was doing flips around the monkey bars outside, singing about as loudly as possible, her Christmas songs about Jesus. Sorry neighbors, I just won't tell her to pipe it down.

Brookie spend the day with Daddy and was walking on air.. even though she said they went to a boring place. They brought home ice cream. What a treat. Brookie...the things that come out of her mouth.

Max, let's just face it. He's a boy and the youngest. Everything he does is cute.

So I sat them down and blessed them. To each one, "YOU are blessed and WE are blessed to have you in this family!" And a few words about their specialness as well. They each wanted to bless Max.

After it was all done, Brooke says, "I want to say something about you."
"Okay," I say.
"I like what you did today. And I wish you were a kangaroo."

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