Thursday, November 11, 2010

The States Part 1

I have a vision of making a book about each state. We will research them and write down some facts and make a nice little book. Someday.

Until then, we have started learning about these United States through more everyday avenues. Brookie got this puzzle for her birthday last year and everyone loves it. It talks when you put the puzzle piece on, stating the name of the state and it's capitol. Each piece also has a symbol of the state. If your children do not know what a symbol is, you can play a game. Let's call it the symbol game.

You describe a symbol and they guess what the symbol is for. For example: Golden arches, a red target, or stars and stripes. Then they can try.

What are the symbols for your state? Kansas' are the sunflower, buffalo, wheat, cottonwood trees, meadowlarks, etc.

We also look at license plates. Sometimes they have symbols on them, too.

We have a jar of state quarters. I made a list of all the states and as we collect the quarters, we write what symbol is on each quarter.

It's a start! (and it's kinda fun)

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