Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is just what's on my mind right now.

Perfect peace, in my mind, is just doing what is right and going about life knowing it will be okay.
But is okay good enough? And when okay is not good enough and we start thinking about how can we make okay better and then start to worry and the peace is gone.

We are told to make plans and work hard to achieve goals but living in that mindset just gives me unrest.

So I just become "okay" to whatever life hands me and live with less than I could have. Not that having a lot will make me happier, but having a little more may just make my life a little easier. I can handle not-so-easy things in life on certain days of the month, but the others....look out. Sometimes it is better just to go with the easier route, as long as your conscience lets you. (No, I will not send my children to school just to make my life easier. NOT that I think anyone is a bad parent if they do, it is just my personal decision that I will not forsake.)

Oh, but wait. I believe in God and He will take care of me. Absolutely. But there still is a balance somewhere between having faith and doing.

Finding that balance between achieving my dreams and staying at peace. That is what I wish for tonight.

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